Friday Finds- 2/1/13

One of my favorite actresses from Parks and Rec tells a very funny story on Conan (a little language at the end, fyi) and makes me love her even more

A few things I liked on the internet this week…

Wine of the month or cigar of the month clubs used to be the thing, but now you can sign up for these subscriptions where you get a box of a certain kind of item (beauty product samples, novelty office supplies) each month.  A really great example is Birchbox, but here are 10 of the best subscription boxes available right now.

I know you’ve already seen this (it’s been e-mailed to me, and shown up on 2 different blogs that I read) but because it’s so amazing, I’m going to share it again… SHETLAND PONIES IN SWEATERS!

This post on the new technologies we’ll see by 2021, was written in 2011, but it’s still interesting to read and see what predictions came true, and discover what craziness we can expect in the very near future. Personally, I’m looking forward to the sunscreen pill in 2016. so. much. easier. Here’s hoping that prediction is right on (sorry, Coppertone).

Ya’ll know I love the arts and think they’re so important for all of us, but especially kids.  Here are some reasons why.

Did you have American Girl dolls?  I did, and reading this article about real American girls and their “mini-me” dolls was quite nostalgic (got this link from my friend JoAnn, and you should check out at least one of her blogs, photography and style lovers click here, and television and movie lovers click here).

Got any links for me this week?


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