Friday Finds 1/25/13

Internet, Internet, I love you! Yes. I. Do!

Oh, here are some links!

I can’t believe I missed the anniversary of one of my favorite Friends episodes!

Such a good reminder for anyone who creates anything.

Apparently there’s a new trend with wedding gowns: Agreeing to sell them shortly after your wedding.  The buyer gets a discounted price, the seller gets some money back.  But dude, my dress was filled with stray rose petals, sweat, and bits of cake. Plus it was already altered.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Even the Inauguration has a dress rehearsal!  But the Pres doesn’t have to show up.  PS- how cool would it be to act as the President’s stand-in!

I know I’m on my way to becoming a mature adult (or at least acting like one) because I follow numbers 8, 9 and 23 on this list.

Got any links for me? Leave them in the comments!


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