5 supercool things I’ve only experienced through travel

IMG_0175Do you know where this is?  I do, because I’ve been there!

Traveling for a living teaches you quite a few things.  Mainly, how to pack a suitcase.  Oh and some other stuff.  Anyway, every once in awhile I come across something and I realize that travel brought that into my life.  Here are a few moments I’ve experienced that make me thankful for what travel has given me.

1) When you’re flipping through one of those airline magazines (not SkyMall), see a beautiful photo and casually think to yourself, “Oh, that’s the Geirangerfjord and the Seven Sisters waterfall in Geiranger, Norway. I’ve been there.”

2) Saying, “I think the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands is Kauai.” And actually knowing what you’re talking about because you’ve actually been to all the main Hawaiian Islands many times.

3) Realizing that a Corona with lime will never be the same unless you’re laying on a Mexican beach.

4) Having better math skills because you’ve spent some time running currency exchange rate math in your head.

5) Watching your Facebook newsfeed go from all English to multilingual.  I have friends now whose native languages (and Facebook statuses) include Spanish, Dutch, Bahasa (Indonesian), and Tagalog (Filipino), and I must say it makes me feel pretty worldly.

What are some of your favorite things you’ve experienced because of your travels?


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