Friday Finds 1/18/13

Internet stuff abounds!

I am not a scientist but I do watch Big Bang Theory, which means that I am allowed to laugh at this site devoted to a twitter hashtag that scientists use to broadcast their  reasoning behind scientific research methodologies.  It’s funny because I’m pretty sure it’s all true.  PS- I love when sites are devoted to a twitter hashtag.  That is so 2013.

The Oscar race is on!  Too bad I’ve only seen a couple of the movies that are nominated (Silver Linings Playbook!  So weird, so wonderful!), but luckily these mock-ups are filling me in!

Related to that… I haven’t seen Les Miserables yet (but how many of you have seen it onstage?  I should get some credit for that!  Actually my mom should get all the credit for that…) but I know enough to find this review pretty hilarious.

Who doesn’t like the Pixar lamp?

One of the most moving, confusing, enraging, and important articles I’ve read all week.  Long, and controversial, but good.

Using social media for your blog/business/brand?  A worthwhile tip…

What did you like on the internet this week?


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