New stuff on the blog

Well, we’re 2 weeks into 2013, so how’s everyone doing so far? One of my unofficial New Year’s Resolutions (unofficial because I tend to avoid them as they make me feel guilty about life in general) is to continue to blog and make it better. I know, could I get any more boring and vague?

No matter, I’m doing it, trying my best to post every weekday (even if it only consists of 17 syllables…) but also nail down what in the world sometimes she blogs is about. So I made a mind map.

For real, ya’ll, I made a mind map. And I discovered that while sometimes she blogs does in fact feature varied content (adorable animal photos plus travel photos plus the occasional thoughtful post on faith equals varied, dontchaknow), it actually tends to fall into 8 general categories:

  1. Travel
  2. Style
  3. Marriage/Relationships
  4. Tech/Internet
  5. Entertainment
  6. Arts
  7. Life/Work
  8. ME!

Those last 2 allow me to post about whatever, because hey, it’s my blog.

Is this a lot of stuff? Yep, but that’s what the internet is good for, and in my opinion, it’s what makes a blog a great medium for me. I hope you agree.

Don’t expect to see all those topics covered every week, but when you stop by you can expect posts on one of those subjects. I have finally committed to Entertainment “section,” if you will, because oh my goodness do I love some good television, movie, and pop culture goodies. To flesh out that topic, I’ve developed 2 new series (you’ll see at least 1 post a month/series): Movies that Mean Something (fun, good movies and the lessons I take away from them) and TV you should be watching, but probably aren’t. Because, you guys, we can’t let them cancel my favorite shows!

As part of my goal to continue to better my blog I also revamped my about and bio page, and changed my tagline which I hope makes the goals of sometimes she blogs a little more clear. If you don’t have time to click those links (really? Ok…) the short story is this: I write about things I like, and I kind of like everything. I can’t write about everything all the time, so I’ll write about some of the things some of the time.

I hope you’ll keep stopping by sometimes she blogs! And hey, let me know what you think every once in awhile! Aka, comments are most welcome here!


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