Friday Finds- Animal Edition

Oh my, a dog and his (her?) boots…

Have you figured out that I love internet animal things?  Today’s Friday Finds are my favorite animal finds online from the past few weeks.

Animals amaze me.  I mean seriously…a giraffe?  What is a giraffe, really?  Anyway, Artists and people who can make stuff look like other stuff amaze me too.  Put those two things together and you get some pretty amazing creations.

Another example in the field of making one thing look like something else: You know what makes a good animal (if you have decent carving skills anyways…)?  Fruit! For real. (found this via Yes and Yes, just an fyi…)

I will always be a dog lover, because dogs really do love and desire to help.  Perfect example.

And check out this video if you think humans are the only ones who snore.

Anything I missed?  Leave me links in the comments!


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