30 Things: Trust

Here at sometimessheblogs, Wednesdays are for commenting on this list. So let’s get it started.

Number 28 on the list of things I should know before I’m 30:

Who you can trust, who you can’t, and why you shouldn’t take it personally.

The tough thing about this item, is that, yes I know who I can trust that I know.  But I work with new people almost every week. I have the opportunity to make new friends from all different cultures and languages… and sometimes people are only around for a week or two at a time.  I like to assume the best in everyone, that I can trust them and be friends with them.  And this is not always true.

I don’t take it personally when I can’t trust someone.  But I don’t like to live in the assumption that I can’t trust someone until they prove otherwise.  So that’s the hard part… how long does it take to figure out if you can trust someone?  And if you operate under the idea that people can trust you, then it is hard not to take it personally when they don’t treat you the same way.


Your thoughts?  Since I obviously have no clue…


One thought on “30 Things: Trust

  1. Well, I think the way you live with people who are casual friend, trust isn’t THAT big of a deal because they are not REALLY all that important to begin with. It’s the deep friendships that you are going to share the DEEP things with, really the ones where you HAVE to trust. It’s not like you are living the kind of life where you are sneaking around hoping you can trust someone not to tell. I think of that statement and I think of the long time friends that I have as those I trust. The newer friends I share a much smaller portion to “test the waters” so to speak. It takes me a while to actually trust people with information I am careful with. But I don’t share anything with anyone if I can’t live with everyone knowing it. The truly private stuff stays pretty close.

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