Friday Finds 1/4/12

Hey friends!  Do you like my Friday Finds?  Could you help me out?  When I’m on the ship I have limited access to the internet’s best stuff, ie viral videos and websites with super high-resolution photos.  (This is how I still don’t really understand Gangnam Style). So if you find something that is super awesome, feel free to e-mail or tweet or facebook me a link with a description, and I’ll try to share it here on a Friday.  Thanks for keeping me in touch with the most important goings-on.  Cool, onward we go.

I found some stuff on the internet.  Wanna see?  Then read on.

I saw this image somewhere online, and then I read this story.  It’s inspiring (I could never run a marathon now, much less when I’m a senior citizen), and also awesome in that it shows how we really all can be connected via the internet.  We’re lucky the photographer is not only funny, but a funny blogger who would explain how to kind of stalk someone (in a not so creepy way) using the internet.

Still not over 2012?  Here’s the lighter side, in photos. (via 22 words)

This makes me want to be zookeeper. Or an eskimo.

This sweet story makes me wish I knew The Guns when we were younger. (also via 22 words, because that site is awesome).

And then I’m reminded of this about my younger years and I think, “never mind, it’s ok that he missed all that.”

Got some links for me?  Please share! 


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