Happy New Year!

NYE is either my favorite or least favorite holiday every year.  This photo is from NYE 2010, one of my favorites. I’m hoping we smile as big this year as we did in that photo.

And I hope you have a great one too.  If you’re drinking don’t drive, ok?  Also, don’t get an early start on your resolutions.  No one likes an overachiever.  Dress up even if that just means wearing an ironic tie with a random t-shirt.  And if you have nothing to do then just watch When Harry Met Sally.  Because there’s a New Year’s Eve scene at the end.  In case you didn’t know. And if you’re not going to do that, then I don’t know what you could possibly want!  Get out of here!

Sorry, that was a little rude, I didn’t mean it. I get grouchy at the end of things that are wonderful, like the year 2012.

For reals though, dear readers, soak up these last moments of 2012, and let’s usher in 2013 with much celebration. Because as great as 2012 was, I think 2013 will be better. Because 2013 won’t have a Hurricane Sandy, a Mayan predicted apocalypse, a Total Recall remake, it won’t release a Schwarzenegger memoir called Total Recall, and the best part?  2013 has no presidential election.

So there’s definitely something to celebrate.

What are you doing for NYE?


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