Friday Finds: Holiday Edition

I know Christmas is over, but this ad is still awesome.  Warning: there is a point of no return where you will start bawling.  You will. And if you don’t, congrats, you’re my first robot reader.

Here are some fun holiday links.  And I say holiday because they represent multiple winter holidays.  Not because I don’t believe in saying Merry Christmas.  But just because I say Merry Christmas doesn’t mean that New Years and Hannukah, et. al., don’t exist.  Just sayin’.

We’ll be on the ship for New Year’s Eve (side note: New Year’s Eve is the one holiday that is MADE for cruise ships.  for serious.) but if we weren’t, I’d probably consider a NYE themed movie night.  You too?  Here’s a start.

Weird fact about Hannukah 2013.

I don’t have kids, but I’m super interested in how parents handle all the different parts of Christmas: Santa Claus, Jesus’ birthday, consumerism, giving, receiving, Christmas trees, actually it’s a pagan holiday, credit card debt, you know all of the stuff it brings up. Anyway, I think this mom is doing a pretty good job.

Are you scheduled to be the designated driver for NYE? Go to Chicago and you don’t have to worry about it.  In all seriousness, this is a super smart program.

Hannukah is over, but these menorahs are fun all the time.

Leave me some fun holiday links in the comments!


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