Friday Finds (12/7/12)

Did a man in your life participate in Movember?  The Guns did… sort of.  He trimmed once in the middle. I know, he’s a cheat isn’t he? It didn’t much matter because he ended up looking like he was on his way to Duck Dynasty even after the mid-month trim. Anyway, he shaved this week without much ceremony.  If your guy hasn’t yet, first remind him that Movember is over. Second, have him watch this video.  It will help.

New words I will be taking from that video: Mustache-nanigans and llamastache. Say them in normal conversations this weekend for 50 extra points.

More stuff from the webs (inter, not spider):

In case you didn’t know I love Friends.  Always have (used to have season watching marathons with my friends where we ate our weight in cookie dough. what of it?), always will (all 10 seasons on DVD- what now!  Those DVDs are in storage… sadface).  And I also love Gunther.  Here are his favorite Friends moments.

Do you have an office Secret Santa?  I love those.  If you don’t and you’ve yet to buy your gift, well then here are some great gift ideas.

I will never get tired of Pinterest Fails.

You guys. We need to talk. You let me find out about this cat on the internet.  NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS CAT. I thought we were friends.

On the plus side, I did find my new favorite website, 22 words.

What did you find on the internet this week?


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