I would like them with a fox

I was browsing blogs like normal when I stumbled upon a super cute outfit made even cuter by the fact that the blogger was wearing a fox necklace.

A fox necklace, I thought, how intriguing!

I have been intrigued by the animal trend for awhile, I even bought an owl necklace, but I have this complex where I don’t like to jump on bandwagons unless there’s something about said bandwagon that has meaning to me.  I’m high maintenance in that way.  But something about a fox I can get behind.

1) foxes are like dogs, and I love dogs.

2) foxes are clever, and once a ballet teacher described me as clever which was really quite delightful and much more interesting than saying “smart.” 

3) foxes are pretty.  Therefore, I should wear them.

So I guess I’ve now adopted the fox as my spirit animal.


I looked at where the blogger bought her fox necklace and braced myself for the label of “vintage hand me down” or “one of a kind thrifted” or “I spent my month’s paycheck on this and I’m not telling you where I got it, so good luck readers!”  Luckily this blogger is a girl after my own heart and listed the necklace as being from none other than Charming Charlie.

If you don’t have a Charming Charlie near you, there will probably be one soon, but you can also hang tight for the re-launch of their online store in the spring.

But back to my story.

So I went to a Charming Charlie, determined to find this fox necklace and buy one for myself.  The great thing about the store is that everything is super affordable and they have an enormous selection.  The bad thing, for me, was that I was looking for a fox necklace.  If you’ve been to a store you know what I’m talking about. They color code the whole thing, which is awesome when you have ten minutes to find a purple necklace that will match your new dress perfectly, but not so great when you’re trying to find something based on anything but color. Lucky for me I noticed they had a table of animal items and charm bracelets, and that’s where I found this guy…
DSCN4211 (2)
Not exactly the one that I saw online, but still pretty cute with the little tail and the pointy nose!

You think this story’s over don’t you?  It’s not!

Anyway, I was so thrilled to get this little guy (for $10!), that I wore it the next day and promptly broke the chain when I bent over and got the tail caught in something as I stood back up.  I was heartbroken.  This story becomes even more lame when I tell you that I’d already thrown out the receipt, because why would I need the receipt when I love it so much?

Turns out I didn’t need it.  I went back to the store (I even went to a different store than the one I bought it from, because it was convenient to me, and I thought I might as well try since I don’t even have the receipt, what do I have to lose) and walked up to a saleswoman and explained myself.  She didn’t bat an eye, took me over to help me find another of these little guys, took my broken one and sent me out with a new one.

What?  Did that actually happen?  Yep, it did, and it was that easy.  Lesson learned: all trendy jewelry/accessories will be bought at Charming Charlie.

Do you have animal themed accessories?  Also, no Charming Charlie did not sponsor this post, I just like writing my own commercials.  Just kidding, but for reals, this is all true and they had no idea I would blog about it.


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