Friday Finds (11/30/12)

What’s better than listening to my 5 current favorite songs?  Hearing 4 of the 5 in an awesome holiday parody of lots of awesome pop songs!  WITH RASHIDA JONES AND JIMMY FALLON (aka, always on my dinner party guest list, never show up, still hoping).

What else did I find on the internet?  Just a few things…

I’m not a Belieber… but I think Justin Bieber is a source of constant comedy (except when he’s singing Never Say Never… and then he’s my role model).  This article is the best if only because it exposes the fact that the boy does not know the difference between “alone” and “a loan.”  Also, there are overalls, so there’s that.

I’m thankful for pop culture, aren’t you?

Is this bff date with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey still available?

I’d never heard of these crazy animals! (some inappropriate language).

What did you love on the internet this week??


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