Last Week’s Pop Culture Points

You all know me well enough to know that much entertainment and joy in my life comes from pop culture.  Some weeks are particularly awesome, like last week. So I plan to recap last week as it relates to pop culture. Permission to proceed?

Why thank you.

  1. I didn’t see the entire results episode of The Voice last week, but I saw the most important parts, including the performance of CeeLo and Blake’s team.  First, I think that Blake’s team (as of that night and including Blake) should create a southern rock/country/classic rock group. I would buy the albums and be a groupie.  Really I just enjoy any time that someone can sing a relevant version of Life is a Highway. Barely eclipsing them in amazingness, though, was CeeLo and his team singing Stayin’ Alive, and doing a pretty amazing impression of the BeeGee’s (plus some long-haired hippie from the 70s, aka Nicholas being himself) and that’s when I understood Mr. Green’s purpose in this competition: to bring back the 70s and possibly produce a BeeGee’s musical.  And sir, you are well on your way.

    Point: CeeLo, but also the BeeGee’s.

  1. Have you heard of LOLwork? I have,  but I have not seen it yet, but I can tell you it’s about the office of the people who manage that “I can has cheezeburger” website (aka, lolcats).  More importantly, it comes on after Top Chef.  Which is what prompted this text from my mother:

    “OK. Stupid question.  Is this cat video show for real?  Or is it like The Office?  In other words, reality or scripted?”

    Point: LOLwork

  1. I was watching Dancing with the Stars all stars this week (there will be no judgment…) and while I have little to say about the competition except who is Melissa Rycroft and who is voting for her (though she is a lovely dancer)? And also, let’s let Shawn win already, and thanks for giving Mark Ballas yet another chance to dance (who decided he should be with Bristol, that was cruel). But why it really deserves a note this week is for 2 special results show features: the performance by the Broadway cast of Newsies (You already know how I feel about that!), and the half ballroom half ballet performed by Anna and Val along with Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild of the New York City Ballet. Sure it was a bit presentational and one dimensional, but it was performed by 2 of the nation’s best ballet dancers, and I love any time that the non-dance world can see working professional concert dancers.  Plus I loved seeing the 2 styles side by side to compare and contrast.

    Point: dance, I love it when dance wins.

  1. Andrae got eliminated on Project Runway. It was ok because he is overly talkative and overly emotional and can you just sew and not worry about not connecting with your competitors? (Laura Kathleen please also take note… the last time somebody complained that they couldn’t connect with people because they were too rich… that person did not win the election.  Also, it’s annoying. Stop it.) Anyway he lost, which is fine because he wasn’t going to win.

    Point: no one because now I have no reason to quote the best Andrae moments from his original season.

    Only true PR fans reading this (so, my mom) will get those links.

  2. Did you watch last week’s episode of The Mindy Project?  WHY NOT?

    OK, I’ll tell you the best part.  Mindy Lahiri (not to be confused with actress/writer/and creator Mindy Kaling… wait, I think we are supposed to confuse them.  I’ll get back to you on that one.) needs a pep talk so she can face her arch nemesis/future love interest Danny Castellano.  Her friends encourage her to remember her warrior name, to which she replies resolutely:

    “Beyonce Pad Thai.”

    And so one night at dinner we decided to come up with our own warrior names.  Except I was coming up with really lame ones like “Emma Fried Sushi” (I apologize, Emma Stone, for being so lame) and “Tina Tiramisu” (love Tina Fey, but hate Tiramisu).  And then, what does The Guns do?  He comes up with 2 awesome warrior names: Dirk Wienerschnitzel and Kobe Bananas Foster.

    Point: The Guns

    That was my week in pop culture.  And you?


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