Friday Finds (11/9/12)

After a week of link clicking, here’s what I’ve found!

Bravo doesn’t know this trick, but it’s my next project since there’s nothing cuter…

A new piece of criteria for my next job search: company-sanctioned nap spaces!

I’m really only a sports fan by proxy, but I find sports culture in general to be fascinating.  Even more fascinating? Recklessly extreme sports (aka, who thinks of stuff like this?).

I’m sorry, I’m not anti-Apple per se (ok, I am sometimes a little anti-Apple…), but I don’t get the iPad mini. Which is why I love this banned iPad mini promo!

I’ve never really known how I felt about Miss Christina Aguilera. I’ve always known how I felt about Mister Jimmy Fallon (adorably hilarious and I wish he came in puppy form).  This video confirmed my feelings (and non-feelings) about both of them.  And also my feelings about office supplies.

Leave your links in the comments!


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