30 Things: To stay or to walk away

Here at sometimessheblogs, Wednesdays are for commenting on this list. So let’s get it started.

Number 19 on the list of things I should know before I’m 30:

When to try harder and when to walk away.

Reading this quote I automatically think of relationships.  Mostly romantic, but also sometimes platonic.  But I suppose it could be anything. When to leave a job that’s not working.  When to continue with an idea, and when to stop because it’s not going to work.  Sometimes you do have to try harder, and sometimes you should walk away.  But it’s hard to decide that.

I’m so insightful. “You have 2 choices and sometimes you choose one thing and sometimes you choose the other.”  Again with the Captain Obvious.

I don’t know this yet.  Not in every situation.  I do think I know this with people now, which I suppose is kind of related to last week’s 30 post. But really, how do you know this.  Is there a time limit for how long you work on or work at something?  Is there a measure of success that something (that could be a millions different types of things) must have before you decide to stay, to not walk away?

This is definitely something to know by you’re 30.  I just know that I will.

What do you think?  Do you know this?


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