Today is not simple

I apologize in advance for my departure from my normal Tuesday haikutes

“to simplify a complex issue is helpful to some extent, but it creates blind spots.

Reality is, in fact, complex.”@donaldmiller

I was going to write a long election day post about how there’s lots of views in this country from all over the spectrum and how you may not be able to believe that someone you know could possibly vote one way, but then again, they probably can’t believe that about you. I was going to write about how undecided voters aren’t the idiots the media (ok, celebrity tweets) paint them to be. I was going to write about how we’re all frustrated, especially Abigael. And it was going to turn into an eloquent 2000 word post that no one would take the time to read.

Instead, I’ll ask you to read Mr. Miller’s tweet at the top of my post. And no matter what happens today, tomorrow, and next year, remember that as much as all of us would love for it to be simple… it’s not. Each and every issue that your political candidates are tackling with their campaigns and their plans… they’re not simple. They’re incredibly complex. And even if you know exactly where you stand on every single issue and who you stand by… my friend, even that is not simple. You have your own experiences, beliefs, and convictions that have led you there. And people on the other side do too. And that’s ok.

Today, do what you will. Stand by your beliefs with conviction. Or stand by your confusion and frustration with conviction (I’ll be right by your side). I’m not going to try to convince you who to vote for, or even to vote at all. All I’m going to do is remind you that it’s not simple. And that’s ok.

And now I’m going to retreat again into my fantasy world where I pretend politics don’t exist, join me if you’d like.


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