The W Times Square

Last week I was in NY for the Windows 8 launch in Times Square. When I got hired, I knew I would get to stay at some kind of awesome NYC hotel (let’s be honest, any hotel in Manhattan is awesome), and I figured it would be in Times Square for convenience, but I had no idea.  Because I know some of you enjoy seeing hotel style, I thought I’d share with you what it’s like to stay in one of the W’s “wonderful” rooms. 

Yeah, that’s what they call it, the “wonderful” room.  And it was.
First of all, the name plate that you see above is a great representation of what the W is.  It’s sleek, modern, hip, and when you go into the lobby (excuse me, the living room, as they call it) you feel like you’re in a club.  Actually, you are in a club because there’s a bar and a deejay on one side.  I skipped that and went up to check out my room, and here it is:
I loved that shower.  And all their bath products were lemon scented awesomeness…
The bed was waaaay comfy as you would expect…
I should have used that chaise lounge more…
Ok, in case you haven’t figured it out, I was watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion… sidenote, Andy Cohen needs to lay off the fake tan…
They care about my reading needs…
Oh, The W.  You’ve spoiled me so much, I’ll never be able to stay in NY again!


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