Tired, but blog I must

If you don’t facebook stalk me, or know me in real life (and even if you do), you may not know what I’ve been up to over the past week.

Here’s the scoop.

Windows 8 launched last Friday. To celebrate, Microsoft put on a few launch events, including their largest, one in Times Square. Consumers were able to browse new Windows 8 PCs and touch, feel and try out the new OS throughout Manhattan’s busiest center. And I was one of the many people who had a hand in making it happen.

I know, I’m one lucky duck.

So much went into the 3 day event, and I, along with a few others had a very specific role. I helped train and manage the men and women who promoted and demoed Windows 8 to any and every interested pedestrian. If you’ve ever worked a big event like this one, you know this meant that I spent hours on my feet drinking only water, and then once was finished I spent my time stuffing my face with junk food and carbs.

In other words, my body is tired, my internal clock is completely off, and my intestines are acting as if they’ve never digested anything ever (just keeping it real, folks).

But hey, the blog shouldn’t suffer right?

Along with my normal routine of haikutes, ridiculous internet offerings, and 30 things commentary, I’d like to take the next week (or 2? Forgive me, but you know I’m not succinct…) to share with you cool ideas, happenings, experiences, and yes, photos from my trip. Hope you’re down with that.

And so I leave you with a few images from the week…


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