Changing Purses

Sorry boys (if any boys read this… by my calculations, there are not very many, but hey, you never know) this post is probably not for you.

Where my ladies at?  Oh, there you are.  Do you have lots of purses?  Me too.  And I like to use them.  Well, right now I’m using 3 of my 10 that I currently have access to (there are countless others in storage *tear*) but even so, I constantly switch from one to another depending on my outfit color, my needs for the day, and my general emotional state.  You know what’s tricky about this?  Well, there’s a bunch of stuff that I need with me at all times, or that I might need in a pinch, and sometimes that stuff ends up in the purse that I is not with me at this moment.  This is very annoying to me.

I guess this happens to guys when they leave their wallet in their other pair of pants, but other than that it’s a uniquely female issue…

So I’ve come up with a solution, a solution that I’ve been using for about 10 months now, and it has really changed things for me.  Here’s my solution:
I got this little zipper zebra pouch last fall when my mother-in-law bought a bunch of bath and body works stuff and got a set of coordinating bags like these inside a big tote of fun stuff as part of their Christmas sale.  She graciously passed this and one of the other zipper pouches on to me and I’ve been using it ever since.  I put the stuff in there that I always need with me.  And then when I swap purses, I just grab this pouch (plus my phone and my wallet) from my nightstand and throw it in whatever bag I’m using.

This may seem obvious, and if you’ve been doing this for years then good for you, you’re smarter than me, but as silly as it may seem it really helps.  Of course, it should be noted that this bag is about 10 inches long, so for those of you that use those tiny purses, this is not going to work, but perhaps a small, thin pencil pouch for your lipstick and other small necessities might work.  Also, the pouch does not have to be zebra print.. but I would recommend some kind of print or bright color for two reasons: 1) it’s more fun, and 2) it’s easier to find than a black pouch that might disappear into the depths of your purse.

As far as what I carry in the pouch, that varies depending on the time of year and also whether or not I’m working, but there a few standards that go in there.  The great thing is if something changes, like I start wearing a new shade of lipstick, I just immediately throw it in the pouch.  If I need it at home I just grab it from the pouch (I keep mine on the night stand, but you could keep it anywhere, obviously… maybe the bathroom?  Or an entrance table in your foyer if you’re fancy), and if it’s in the pouch it’s always with me when I’m out.

But here’s a look inside the pouch.  It’s not too pretty, but I did fan some things around so you could see better.
Please pretend the lack of focus is a cool “bokeh” effect… not bad photography.

Ok, so what’s that mess in there? A credit card (in theory this would go in my wallet, but I kind of like the idea of if my wallet was stolen I would have this in an atypical location. Also if I forget to grab my wallet from my other purse, then at least I have something to work with). Aquaphor (do you have chapped beyond chapped lips?  This is the stuff!). My passport (you never know).  Pens (yes multiple). Comb. A plastic bag of ibuprofen. Headphones. Flash drives (maybe it’s just because of what I do, but I always find myself needing one of these). A small cloth (for cleaning my phone or tablet screens). Camera (not pictured for obvious reasons. Liptstick.

Other things that sometimes make it in there… some extra cash (small bills that are easy to grab for tipping people, small purchases, etc.). My work ID (usually replaces the passport when I’m on the ship). Cell phone.  Small mirror. Throat lozenges.

I also have another, smaller pouch that I use when I travel.  I keep all my chargers in there, so I’m not fumbling around through my various bags to find my phone, camera, and tablet chargers.  For me, it’s easier to remember to pack my charger pouch, than remember all the different chargers and the individual places where I packed them.  It’s also easier to access them in a pinch when I’m stuck at an airport.

So that’s how I deal with swapping purses.  Let me know if this is an idea you can use!

Do you do this?  Am I being Captain Obvious like usual?


4 thoughts on “Changing Purses

  1. Krista, I have been using the same purse since 1997 – I swear that is not a joke. Don and Steven gave me a DKNY bag for my birthday, and it’s still in really good shape. Some tiny tears here and there, but not bad. It’s the perfect size for me. I love it! I’m officially a dork.

  2. I do this so my things don’t get lost in the diaper bag…my glorious purse collection is rarely used these days, but I will reclaim them in a few years 🙂 I hadn’t thought to do this with chargers, etc. for travel, so thanks for being obvious!

  3. I found some amazing wool ‘coin’ purses at Anthropologie that are really stylish & fun and I have all the essentials in there and I pull it out of my big black bag & use it like a clutch for a night on the town or even just running errands. I have all the essentials in there, pen, lip pencil, lipstick, lip balm, cc, id, eyeglass cleaner & cloth, cell phone. Works perfectly and I get tons of compliments on it.

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