Talking with The Guns- you’re such a good listener…

c wth J
The Guns and I were catching up on The Mindy Project (YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS SHOW!) when The Guns made an interesting comment. Mindy’s super hot co-worker was coming on to her, and she shut him down, and The Guns was surprised.

Me: That’s right, she shut him down.  She’s trying to change!
The Guns: What??? He was flirting with her, and she wants to live a romantic comedy, she should have given him a chance.
Me: No!
The Guns: WHY??
Me: They’ve slept together, and she knows it never means anything, and so she’s moving on, she knows it’s bad for her.
The Guns: Wait.  They’ve already slept together?
Me: YES!
The Guns: How was I supposed to know that???
Me: They told us in the last scene!
The Guns: What? No they didn’t!
Me: Yes they did!  What show have you been watching?
The Guns: What scene?
Me: The one where Mindy and her friend were talking.
The Guns: Oh. When the two girls were talking for awhile.
Me: Yes. Oh, I see.  So, basically when two women are talking you tune them out-
The Guns: -No.  I just lost track of what they were talking about-
Me: -and I was just bragging about how you were such a great listener-
The Guns: –they were talking about a lot of different things-
Me:-this is so going on the blog.


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