Confessions I shouldn’t Confess

Periodically I confess things here on the blog.  Today is periodical I guess.

Confession #1
I don’t know how to pronounce meme.  Meem?  MayMay? MayMee?  Somebody fill me in.

Confession #2
I really do want to know how many seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey there have been.  It just seems like yesterday that we met Caroline Manzo, but as I watch the current reunion (my blog, don’t judge me), I’m realizing that maybe it’s been quite a few years?  Oh, and the confession is that I willingly watched the reunion show, and I will be watching part 2. I know.  I KNOW!

Confession #3
I spent a week with my mom in Atlanta and the majority of our days we spent watching things she’d recorded on tivo.  And we did consider that to be productive. And we won’t apologize for it.  And this isn’t even a confession, this is just pointing out how cool we are.

Confession #4
Modern Family
is one of my favorite shows but I was mad when they won all those Emmys.  Was it just me or was season 3 seriously lackluster?  Except I was ok with Eric Stonestreet winning, but other than that I was over it.  Anyone else agree with me?  If not, then this is a proper confession.  If so, then this is just a statement of truth.  Either way, whatever, the Emmy’s disappointed me.

Confession #5
I’m officially a tech nerd.  So I really can’t wait for October 26th.

I’m proud of some of those… are they still confessions?

Leave me your own confessions!


3 thoughts on “Confessions I shouldn’t Confess

  1. Pretty sure it’s “meem.” And I was mad about Modern Family sweeping too! I think my text to J after the Emmys was “those mofos from Modern Fam, ugh!”

    My confession: I cannot stop listening to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack in between classes and at work. Mostly “Postcard to Henry Purcell” and “Liz on top of the world.”

  2. My confession is that I actively participated in that 5-day marathon of television watching. And some of it I had already watched. However, I prefer to call it “cleaning.” Yes, we are cleaning off TiVo, but that’s still cleaning. Just saying. My TiVo has never been so clean.

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