Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is one of my favorite stops on our Canada/New England itinerary.  Why?  It’s beautiful, has charming little hideaways and areas of town that harken back to an earlier time, it’s easily walkable, and even though I can’t understand people when they speak French, they always sound either like they’re sharing a delightful secret with me, or like they know they are oh so much better than me.  Because they’re speaking French.  Either way, it’s hilarious.

Also, there’s lots of shopping.  On the downside… there are bunches of taxes… we were asking about it in a restaurant, and the waiter said (with full on French accent) “yes, you are in Quebec City now.  Welcome!”2012-09-17T12-29-48_42012-09-17T12-29-48_52012-09-17T12-29-48_6
Love these murals that appear to spill out onto the street.
Chateau Frontenac
Ever been to Quebec City?


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