Lobstah in Bah Habah!

Do you need a translation of that title?  It says “Lobster in Bar Harbor” in a Maine Accent.  Sorry, I just can’t resist the accent.

I’ve been to Bar Harbor a few times on the ship, it was either the first or last stop of every Canada/New England cruise.  It’s charming, great for foodies, tourists, and outdoorsy folks alike.  Catch a free shuttle to Acadia National Park, sign up for climbing lessons, walk along the shoreline, people and dog watch in the park, or enjoy all the food.2012-09-17T12-29-48_3
Definitely don’t skip on the lobster.  Don’t worry, whether you’re eating at an American, Italian, Mexican, or Chinese restaurant you will have a lobster option for you on the menu.  And it will be fresh, meaty and awesome. If you don’t want a whole lobster like this one, try a lobster roll, which you can get from literally any restaurant.  I promise.  It’s chunks of chilled lobster on a roll with lettuce and mayo.  If you’re looking for a specific restaurant, let me recommend Downeast Deli, right on the main strip in Downtown Bar Harbor.  They do several variations on a lobster roll, including one where the lobster is hot instead of chilled and drenched in butter.  It is ah-mah-zing.  The deli doesn’t have seating, but they box or bag everything up for you so you can head out to park bench and enjoy it on your own.

The other thing you must enjoy while you’re in Bar Harbor is something blueberry.  Preferably pie, which, again, is sold everywhere, but I would also allow you to stick to blueberry tarts, muffins, scones, or buy some blueberry jam or blueberry truffles.  You can even find blueberry soda or beer.  I’m not really a blueberry fan, but I can easily jump on the bandwagon in Bar Harbor.

Anything else you’d recommend in Bar Harbor?


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