Seen in Charlottetown

“Stop, Stand, Walk, Run, Sit, Plant, Play, Bike in the Place where you live”- seen in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

We stop in Charlottetown every week.  It’s known for light houses and, of course, Anne of Green Gables.  As we were walking around one day I spotted this mural and I had to photograph it.  If I were to amend it I would add “create” to it.  Although “play” is an almost acceptable substitute.

I’ve always been interested in these fairly small and sometimes remote cities that we visit, and how they always have thriving communities of people.  Art galleries, biking groups, coordinated marathons and races, fashion nights, open dance or yoga classes.  We sometimes forget that “small” and “remote” is not mutually exclusive of “thriving.”  There are people in these towns who enjoy doing the things they love where they live.

Especially when it comes to art and careers we seem to think that we need to leave places in order to succeed or even just to create.  Actors should move to LA.  Dancers to Chicago.  And everyone who wants to succeed at anything should go to New York.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But there’s nothing wrong with staying where you live.  Maybe you’ll start something there.

And this mindset is not limited to artists or career-minded people.  Think about it, when we want a break, when we want to play, we leave our town, we vacation elsewhere.  Again, nothing wrong with that, clearly I value travel, but there’s also a lot to experience and enjoy in the place where you live.  And it’s not less important.

You may not live in a city that is known for the best arts/sports/professional/whatever scene.  You may not live in a vacation destination.  But small or lesser known does not have to equal average or boring.

Whatever it is that you do.  Try doing it where you live.


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