St. John’s, Newfoundland

One of our last stops on our big Voyage of the Vikings cruise was in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Actually, we were supposed to stop in St. Anthony’s first, however we had some weather issues, so we skipped it, went straight to St. John’s and had an overnight there instead.  I don’t care where the overnight is, I love an overnight!

Anyway, I hadn’t done much research on St. John’s so we just walked around a bit and found somewhere to eat.  So I thought I’d just share a few photos.
Something I noticed in a lot of our stops… the houses and buildings were brightly colored.  Here in St. John’s, but also in Reykjavik, Alesund, and Torshavn. Maybe it’s a regional thing?  Maybe it’s a Viking thing?  Maybe a non-US thing? Maybe this is just normal and the cities I’ve seen in the US are just not so colorful so I’ve missed out?  Whatever, I like it, and wish I saw more of it all the time!
So, as usual, The Guns and I spent money in port but only on food… we probably spent too much. We ended up at this lovely restaurant and ordered one too many dishes because we assumed that this fancier looking restaurant would serve really small portions.  We were wrong. 

Here’s the thing- there were a million restaurants to choose from but I noticed that all of them had an option for “local mussels,” so I figured, when in St. John’s…. so I decided we had to get mussels.  They were listed as an appetizer on our menu, for $12.99.  I figured we’d get like 10.  Maybe less.  As you can see from the photo we got a boatload of mussels.  I was impressed by this, and by the pricing, but even more so by the taste.  They were amazing!

Now that we’ve gone to some other Eastern Canada ports, I’ve learned that Newfoundland isn’t the only place that’s abundant in mussels.  Really, if you’re in Eastern Canada, on the coast (Newfoundland or not) and the restaurant is offering local mussels, definitely check it out. So good, and I bet the portions will be aplenty.

Anyone been to St. John’s?


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