Spreading the love update!

What??? TWO posts in ONE day?  I know, I know, I’m going nuts over here.

This is just an update on the post from a couple weeks back on supporting artists. 

UPDATE #1: Becky raised all her money!  She’s going to Iceland!  WAHOOO!  So excited for her.  If you gave money or shared her links thankyouthankyouthankyou.  You helped send her!  I’m hoping to keep in contact with her and give you updates on her trip and her experiences (you reading this Becks?  Is it of if I call you Becks?  It feels very cool.  Anyway, lemme know what happens with Collectors if you want to share. )

UPDATE #2: Jason has just a few days before his campaign ends.  He’s made really great progress, and he can fundraise until late Wednesday evening, September 26th.  Can you help?  Or can you share his link?  If so, please do!

Thanks everyone for supporting artists like these!

Leave a comment if you know someone who needs help funding their art. 


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