See this fjord here? or Seydisfjordur


When I first learned we were going to Seydisfjordur, Iceland, I thought “how am I ever going to remember how to spell that.  Also, I won’t even try to pronounce it.”  Then I became convinced that Icelandic must be a lot like English because it kind of looked and sounded like “see this fjord here?”  It does kind of look and sound like that, but the English and Icelandic languages are not alike.

Then I realized we’d be there for The Guns’ 30th birthday.  Who gets to be in Iceland on his 30th birthday?  He does.

We spent the afternoon together on a short hike up to see a waterfall.  That’s a “The Guns” kind of day.
It’s always interesting when we end up visiting this very small and fairly remote towns- only about 750 people live in this small fishing town.  So we were able to walk the entire town, visit every shop, and then still have time to sit by the lake and have some Icelandic chocolate.


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