Plymouth- the English Experience


Ah, Plymouth.  We didn’t get much time there, but the time we had there was so very English.  Lawn Bowling!  Miniature Golfing (not Putt Putt)! Ferris Wheel! Victorian style parks!  Rain!
So I read a little bit about this park (Hoe Park) on one of those info boards they put around historical places.  So I’m an expert. But anyway, while the park has undergone many changes over the years (parts were damaged and/or dismantled during WWII, etc.), it was designed in the Victorian style- to be beautiful, for the public to use, and to enjoy the outdoors… but you know in a civilized way.  Hence all the terraces leading down to the natural harbor, as well as many covered areas for seating and enjoying the Hoe.  There’s also cafés, various historic memorials and monuments, and an outdoor seawater pool.
Yep, it’s a public lawn bowling green!
And yep!  That’s a miniature golf course.  But not like American “mini golf.”  It’s like an 18 hole golf course… but smaller.
This is the only proof I have that we were in England during the Olympic Games.  In a plaza of a shopping area they had food vendors and seating opposite a big screen showing the Games live.  If you’re wondering what we’re watching… judo!IMG_0210

Anyone been to Plymouth?


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