Stonehenge? Check!

I really need to write down a bucket list soon so I can start checking things off of it.  One thing that I would check off?  Visiting Stonehenge.
It’s one of the wonders of the world (although it’s a little unclear as to which list of wonders includes it) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and come on, you know that if you just visit you’ll be able to figure out exactly what those stones mean, right?

Yeah, I thought so too.  Not quite.  They don’t give you the secrets, in fact they basically tell you “here’s a theory, here’s another theory, it could also be this…. but really no one knows.”
Our ship was actually docked in Southampton (fyi, that’s where the Titanic departed from, incaseyoudidn’tknow), so the trip out to Stonehenge took about an hour and then we had about an hour and a half to wander and see the site from all angles.  And of course take millions of pictures that all look very similar.
We couldn’t have had a better day.  No rain, a little bit of wind (as you can tell by my hair), and it wasn’t too cold.
Oh, yeah, this is my English outfit: I mean can you get any more English than those shoes and a button-up sweater?  I’m going to have to post specifically about this sweater later on, as there is a story behind it.  But I didn’t realize when I decided to wear it that I would match so well with my surroundings (the green grass, blue skies, white clouds, and grey stones are all well represented… I guess I like a theme).
Painting of what Stonehenge looked like originally…
The site is impressive.  The stones are huge, obviously, but it’ s also surrounded by miles of what appeared to be farmland (though I don’t know if anyone farms on it… but there was a flock of sheep in one field). It really does make it feel like it’s in the middle of nowhere, which adds to the mystery, I suppose.  While it wasn’t completely flat, there weren’t many trees nearby so it really did feel like you could see well into the distance, and the bright blue sky with it’s gorgeous white fluffy clouds felt massive.  The Guns and I realized that this was the probably the first time we’d gotten so far inland… normally we stay fairly close to the ship so the scenery we see usually consists of beaches, canals, fjords, bays, coves, and perhaps some mountains, but there’s always plenty of water nearby.  So this was something completely different.

Anybody else ever been to Stonehenge?


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