Spread the Love and the Art

Hello all you fabulous people!

I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking a break from my most recent schedule of posting on our travels, 30 things, and of course cute animals.  Trust me, this post is still worth reading.

Let me tell you a story. Every day I wake up and at some point wish I was dancing, creating, or otherwise a little more involved in the arts than I am currently.  Don’t get me wrong- I love my job (that is well-documented here, no?), but there is an entire facet of my life, my personality, who I am, that really only comes out in pieces and is not fully fleshed out at the moment, not like it was just a few years ago.

Don’t cry for me, this is not a pity party.  This is just the truth.  And that’s ok, because right now there are other priorities in my life. I do believe you can “have it all” but I don’t believe you can have it all at once, and right now I’m having travel, steady income, building my resume, and adventures with my husband.  I’m good.

But I’ve been thinking.  Thinking about how eventually, art and dance are going to come to the forefront again.  And when they do, I will likely need help.  Support. 

Ok, I’ll just say it.  I’ll need money.  Can you make great art without money? Yep.  Does money help and give you many more opportunities? Yep.  Would I love to fund it myself?  yep, but at some point I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to.

And so for the past year or so I’ve been trying to come up with strategies to potentially fund future ideas.  The best option?  Sites like Kickstarter.  And that’s about as far ahead as I thought: “Oh, I’ll just set up a Kickstarter site.  I’ll get funded.  It will be great.”

But lately I’ve been feeling like a hypocrite because I have friends and fellow TCU alums with fundraising campaigns, and while I had haphazardly shared a link occasionally, I had not really contributed.  And if I was trying to kid myself into believing that I could not contribute SOMETHING (even $1), then I should do a better job at spreading the word… enter this blog post.

Now, if you’re like me, your various social media feeds are cluttered with all kinds of campaigns and requests for you to buy a product or contribute to a cause.  I’m not telling you to contribute to all of them (or even any of them), but read them.  Think about them.  And if they’re artists, I would encourage you to look at what they’re doing and see how you can support them.

It’s hard for any kind of artist (painter, dancer, singer, musician, storyteller, writer) to make a living at what they do, but for a lot of them that’s not even really the goal, at least not initially. The ones I give to are just trying to get their project done, share a story, make a difference.  And if you can help, it means the world to them.  Yeah, money would be awesome, but also just talking about it, tweeting it, facebooking and blogging it.  The more we can spread it around, the more likely they will be to meet their goals.  Consider that before you ignore a post.

I don’t believe in karma, but I do believe that sharing and helping others in and out of your “network” will only afford you more opportunities in the future.  If you’re down with that, or just like contributing (whether monetarily or just by sharing the links) to cool stuff- I’ve got 2 ideas for you.

1) Help send Becky to Iceland
credit: Becky Mikos
Becky is a recent TCU dance grad, and she has created a dance film entitled Collectors, which has been accepted to the Reykjavik International Film Festival.  Why is this amazing?  Well she made the whole thing with zero budget using a camera phone, flip video recorder, a standard camcorder, and iMovie.  Girl is talented.  She needs help getting to Iceland.  At the time of writing this she’s about halfway there, but once this is posted there will only be a little over a day left of her campaign which ends at midnight on September 7.  Can you help her get there?  There is more to her story, but I’ll let her tell you.

Contribute to Becky’s Campaign

2) Help fund Jason’s one man show!
credit: Jason Thomas Mayfield
I have known Jason for 8 years now (we studied and worked together many times while I was at TCU), and even though I haven’t spoken to him in, wow it might have been a year (Jason, we need to fix this!), I consider him one of my best friends.  I also consider him to be one of the funniest and most talented people I know (and I know lots of talented people, for real).  I don’t even know what to call Jason, he’s part actor, comedian, writer, dancer, and general hilarious guy.  Jason has made a one man show that has been presented at various thespian festivals around the country and now he’s getting his shot in New York this fall.  You can read more about Jason and his project at his website and also on his facebook page.  If you help fund Jason’s project (his campaign ends on September 24th) you’ll be helping with publicity and other production costs so that he can make his show the best it can be, and will hopefully be able to continue to tour with it.

Contribute to Jason’s campaign

Do you like seeing cool videos online?  Reading fun blog posts?  Being moved by dance and theater works?  Or laughing at witty jokes?  Do you want your world to be filled with cool stuff?  Helping people like Jason and Becky helps them continue to create new, really cool things.  And even if you don’t know them, I firmly believe that helping one artist, truly does help all artists, creatives, and really it helps all of us.

And if you’re skeptical and don’t really believe that campaigns like these are useful, then check out my friend Andrew Sullivan (another TCU alum… Go Frogs!).
credit: K Michael Rohane
Andrew is a singer/musician/songwriter who started his Kickstarter campaign last year.  I contributed, along with many others, and as a result he was able to record his new album, Where We Belong.  Unfortunately, I received the CD after I left for the ship so I haven’t been able to listen yet.  But I can’t wait to get home and check it out; it’s received great reviews and acclaim.  He even just signed a deal to have this CD distributed to 300 radio stations nationwide, so hopefully we’ll be able to hear him on the airwaves soon.  Andrew’s just a guy who put in the work:  He sings at local coffee shops and lounges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area every week, and he spends time writing his own music. And with the help of the Kickstarter campaign, he’s reaping the benefits.  I’m so glad I contributed, because now I get to be a part of his story and his success.  Find out more about Andrew and his new CD here.

So consider giving to one of those campaigns, or someone else you know who’s looking for some help.  If you can’t contribute monetarily, then share through facebook, twitter, and the like!  Link to their campaign pages, or feel free to share this post!

Happy creating and campaigning everyone!

Contribute to Becky’s campaign

Contribute to Jason’s campaign

Buy Andrew’s CD, Where We Belong

If you or someone you know has a creative project needs support, let me know in the comments!


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