Hiking (ish) in Alesund

Hey there!  Just a note about a slight change in programming. You may have noticed that usually I reserve Fridays for a pretty photo and an internet find or 2 to take you into your weekend.  But, as I’ve been mentioning, on the ship I have a lot less time for internet wandering and finding good quality links, videos, photos and other fun stuff.  So, I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to suspend my normal Friday posts, and fill them with more photos and stories from our travels.  And if you wouldn’t have noticed because you are not as obsessed with my blog as I am… then good for you…
Like most of the cities we visited in Europe, Alesund, Norway is a city of canals.  I love this shot that shows you how calm the water was.  When I began the little research I did on this city, I kept coming across the description of the architecture as “art nouveau.”  And whether or not you know the characteristics of “art nouveau” that’s still kind of odd to me, that so many guides would harp on that. I supposed it meant that one section of the city had been designed by one person and so all the buildings kind of sort of went together.  And then I walked off the ship and understood.  I don’t know how they did it (although I’m sure I could find out) but this entire city was built in the same style.  Doesn’t matter if the building houses a mall, homes, or a restaurant, they all have this sort of formal, minimalist look with muted and dusty colors.  I’ve never seen anything like it in such a large city.

The Guns and I had a great time just walking around and enjoying the day.  He had found some info on a local park that had a walk up to a high point that overlooked the city.  So we set out to find it. 
First we set out on a path like this.
Then it changed into stairs that were built into the rock.  It was a decent hike up, but not too terrible, but it occurred to me that we would never have something like this in the US.  One of 2 things would happen: either someone would fall and hurt themselves (check out the kind of dinky railing up there) and they’d close it down, OR someone would fall and then they’d have to put up a million different signs that warned you to be careful, or provide some kind of elevator up to the top…  Which I totally would have taken had they offered it.  Just kidding, the hike was actually not that bad, and the cooler weather made it even easier.
And then once I got to the top I got to take pictures like these…
The other thing I kept finding when I would research Alesund was a photo very similar to the one above.  And now I have my own, and I feel pretty awesome about that…


2 thoughts on “Hiking (ish) in Alesund

  1. I did notice when I was in Norway, that they assume people have some sort of common sense and self-responsibility when it comes to safety. I love that! (Ps: your pics are beautiful and I am glad you are enjoying Scandinavia)

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