30 Things: resume

Here at sometimessheblogs, Wednesdays are for commenting on this list. So let’s get it started.

Number 9 on the list of things I should have before I’m 30:

A résumé that is not even the slightest bit padded.

YES! Another item on the list that I LOVE and totally agree with.  You’re 30, have a decent resume.  Part of your life is SOME kind of career, so invest in it and your resume should reflect that.

So is my resume padded?  Maybe a little. I don’t lack for work experience, my problem is that it’s been all over the place from preschool fitness instructor to tour guide to internships with magazines and publishing groups to cruise ship crewmember teaching technology classes.  My resume by itself without a little padding (which I prefer to call tailoring) looks a little odd. 

So yeah, I spend a lot of time on my resume and I’m not just listing things I’ve done, but I’m also making it work for the potential job.  And I’ll be honest, I hope I have to do less and less of that as I get older, but for now I’m going to say that if that’s what padding is, then that’s ok.  If padding is making up jobs I’ve never had, then I’ve never done that.

You know why?

Because I learned early that you should never do that.

Is your resume padded? 



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