More from Reykjavik

We had 2 evenings in Reykjavik and I spent one downtown with some friends from the ship and the other with The Guns, also downtown. I spent most of my time eating, exploring, and taking photos. Some things we discovered…

You can plug in your car here! Iceland was named the most eco-friendly country in 2011.

Café really means restaurant/bar/coffee shop/free wifi/cool vibe and shelves filled with books. Ok not always but it was true for this place where we ate.
Skyrcake. Skyr is Icelandic yogurt- it’s almost like Greek yogurt but much thicker. Many restaurants and cafes have skyrcake on the menu, which is like a parfait- skyr with berry preserves mixed in.
Colorful buildings, homes with gardens, and varied architecture. Remember when I said the homes were built in the style of IKEA? Well, downtown is very different.
While I loved the feeling of the downtown area, there were really only a few instances of impressive, art-like architecture. This church was one. It’s also the only reference to faith or religion of any kind that I saw.
The other impressive and beautiful building was the opera house.

I consider myself to be very aware of time, but I found out that in the summer in Iceland it really doesn’t work the same way, at least not for me.  We stopped at a café for some tea and a Nutella crepe, and were very much awake (even though we’d both been up and working for most of the day) and then we glanced at our watches and saw that it was 11PM.  I had no idea.  We started the trek back to the ship (a walk that was probably 2 miles, but felt like 4 after the long day) and arrived at the ship at 12:30AM, just as the sun was setting (It didn’t really get dark until 1 or 1:30). This photo shows you what the light is like even at midnight.
It might not seem very bright, but keep in mind, that day was quite cloudy and the sun never really shone at all, so this was pretty much how it had been all day.  If I ever went to Iceland again on vacation, I would stay up all night to see the sun come up again just a few hours later, around 3 or 4AM.


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