Not 30 things, but 30 years

If you didn’t know, today is The Guns’ 30th birthday.  Can you believe it?  A lot of people can’t. One of our friends, after finding out that The Guns’ was almost 30 declared that he needs and anti-anti-aging cream because he looks much younger than he is. Let me know if you know of anything like that and I’m on it. 

30 is a big deal. I’m writing about it every week, after all.  But The Guns doesn’t seem too phased by it, maybe just a little sad to leave his twenties behind, which makes sense- some great things happened to him in the last ten years.  But he’s not talking about it all that much.

But even though he may not think it’s a big deal, I do.  So I’m writing this to him as sort of an online toast…

To my husband, on his 30th birthday.

Eight years ago, we met for the first time, and I never thought in a million years that we would get married.  But five years later we would be, and eight years later we are celebrating your 30th birthday. 

Lots of people say that boyfriends, husbands, men, guys, boys, whatever, get better with age.  The most cynical will tell you that you can’t trust a man until he’s in his 30s.  That they don’t fully mature until that time.  I’m not going to argue that this is true or untrue, but I will say that if that is true, if you are only to become better in your 30s, then I will say that I cannot wait.  Already in our 4 years together, 3 years married, and 2 years living at sea, I’ve experienced so much more than I’ve ever expected and learned so much from you.  If things get better from here then I’m thrilled.

You’ve taught me so much.  About friendship, faithfulness, kindness, family, selflessness, rest, responsibility, loyalty, grace, and of course love.  I’m sure you have more to teach me.

As we leave behind your twenties, we are leaving behind some great times and a wonderful season.  But I cannot wait to see what’s ahead.  You’ve had a great first 30 years, let’s keep it up for the next 30.

Happy Birthday.


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