Yes, I bought leopard print shorts.

Sorry for the hair in my face, it was windy.

Anyway.  So this summer I bought one of the most impractical things I’ve ever bought: These leopard print shorts.  I don’t think Tim Gunn is ever going to say that these could be a wardrobe staple.  And this purchase flies directly in the face of my shopping guidelines that I shared awhile back: it’s not on my shopping list, it’s a trend item that was more expensive than a trend item should be, and really how often can you wear leopard print shorts? 

But I bought them.  Here’s what happened.  I went shopping with a friend at LOFT and we both had those savings cards where you spend X amount and you get X amount.  Ideally I was going to find something in the sales rack, but then these shorts caught my eye and I picked them to get a better look, and when I did they cried, audibly, saying “please take me home, no one ever does because they think I’m impractical.  No one loves me?  Will you love me?” and I said “YES!”  I will always love a good animal print.

Also, I looked carefully at the shorts and saw how well made they were and that gave me the courage to try them on.  I’m not a big shorts person.  My body is kind of weird in shorts.  I wore bermuda shorts for a long time, but if they don’t fit really close to my leg (hard to find) they look sloppy on me.  Shorter shorts, in my opinion look better in terms of where the hem hits on my leg, but my backside is a little larger and sometimes they look pretty scandalous from the back.  But I could tell these shorts wouldn’t be like that.  And when I tried them on, I was right.  The waistband is made so that you can wear them high waisted.  And the pleats… oh the pleats.  Normally pleats are lame, but these pleats add movement so that this animal print didn’t look pasted to my leg (which would then look pretty cheap, and maybe a little trashy), and they also dress the shorts up a bit. These shorts even have super awesome pockets.  These were not some hastily made shorts you would find anywhere.

In my post on buyer’s remorse I gave myself one caveat for items that don’t follow my shopping guidelines: It needs to be something I absolutely love (you know the feeling) and that is well-made.  I’ve already covered how they’re well made, but let me tell you, I just love these shorts. Just seeing them in my dresser makes me happy, I got a good deal on them, and I can’t wait for opportunities to wear them. 


I don’t have them at the moment.  We are on a ship that is doing cold weather cruises so they are very impractical for that, and I left them at home, but I plan to wear them out in the spring and summer next year.  Maybe I’ll even try them with tights and heels.  My mother will definitely hate that.

Love you mom!  Like my shorts?

Seriously… do you like these shorts?


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