I do not travel in jeans…

With all the travelling we do, I’m always searching for the perfect outfit for a day of travel.  The struggles of travel style are well documented: sitting for long periods of time, varying temperatures, wanting to look casual enough to walk into a gas station and not feel awkward but not so sloppy that I feel grosser than the travel makes me feel already.

That made more sense in my head.  Not written out.  Oh well, you guys are smart, I bet you get it.

Anyway.  So thought I’d show you my latest travel outfit for an 8 hour road trip.
Normally I like maxi dresses for travel, but mine are a little too dressy for a car ride, and I don’t like travelling in jeans because the waistband goes all over the place and it’s just uncomfortable so I decided to go with a dress and leggings combo.  The leggings have an elastic waistband that is perfect for sitting and they kept my legs warm while I was in the air conditioned car. The skirt is full enough to give me room to move my legs around while I was sitting.  I know it’s summer in Texas and it probably seems like the cardigan was overkill, but again, the AC.
This is me trying to convince Bravo to be in the next photo with me.  He declined.
But when you head outside for bathroom breaks and gas station stops of course it’s way too hot, so the cardigan comes off and the dress is lightweight, breathable, and keeps me cool.  The flats were comfortable, simple to take off and put back on, and easy to walk in.

Overall, it was a great choice for travelling.  I felt polished and the print made me smile even on hour 6 of the ride.
Now Bravo is trying to get in the photo… but unfortunately he was actually in the way at this point.

The leggings and ballet flats got me in the dancing mood… so here is a funny jumping outtake.  I have no shame.
…and here’s a better one… but yeah, I still have no shame.

What’s your preferred travel outfit?


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