Friday Finds and a Photo (07/13/12)

Awesome sky blue truck in Skagway Alaska

To be quite frank with you, I’ve been super busy this week because as you’re reading this we are headed to the airport.  We’ll be in Boston around 6PM tonight, and then we’re headed back out to sea on our newest adventure. So this week has been all about packing and getting my act together, because ohmygoodness I’m going back to work. I’m trying my best to make sure I blog on a regular basis, but if I miss some days (or a week) here and there I hope you’ll understand.

All of that is the reason that I only have one internet find for you this week (and will probably only have one per week for awhile due to limited internet access onboard… BOO!), and you’ll have to click through before you even see it.  And some of you may have already seen this on my facebook.

I would apologize for all of that, but frankly those are first world problems.  And if you don’t get that… you will.

Here’s the link!



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