Friday Finds and a Photo (07/06/12)

I’ve always loved this photo of the flag taken from the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.  Processed with, you guessed it, Snapseed!

My internet find for you this week is a video from these dudes, Rhett and Link.  These dudes are funny and make me smile.  The video below is what introduced me to them, and, soon after, endeared me to them (wait, them to me?  Who was doing the endearing?  I’m not sure, since they don’t even know who I am).  It was a special moment.  Here it is.

So here’s why I think that’s awesome.  My husband, my dad, AND my brother are thoughtful guys.  Seriously, they think a lot of thoughts, about a lot of things.  A lot.  This is a good thing.  Unfortunately the general population maybe is not so thoughtful?  Proof?  An interviewer once told my dad that he thought too long before he answered questions.  General population, that is called thinking before you speak, and THAT IS A GOOD THING!

But really, some of these things in this video The Guns has thought about.  A lot.  He’s thought about if Wal-Mart is good or evil, and he DOES think tattoos are cool… on other people.  I was relating this to my dad after he watched the video, and then I emphasized that The Guns does, on a regular basis have “handful of nuts” as a “healthy snack.”

“Well, in moderation, nuts are a very healthy choice and are very good for you.” says my dad quite thoughtfully.

Thanks, dear Father, for proving my point.  They are all thoughtful guys.

And because it’s pretty funny, I give you another Rhett and Link gem:


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