These earrings are obnoxious

At the end of May I was in GA and I had the privilege of hanging for an afternoon with this lady.  She’s pretty cool, no? 

Anyway, we met up in Athens and she showed me around to her favorite vintage, thrift, and boutique haunts.  I had not bought a thing, but I was really enjoying looking around, but then we ended up in this shop that had some handmade earrings that I stumbled upon.

These earrings were about 4 inches long and cut from some sort of industrial plastic (I actually have no idea what they’re made of beyond that it’s definitely plastic, but they did look upcycled or recycled, so it made me feel very green, and very cool since they clearly began as something else). They came in red and a light blue, almost turquoise. 

I kept picking them up, and holding them.  I loved the way they curved, and yet were quite angular.  I noticed when I held them up to my ear that they hid inside my hair, and made me look like I had blue streaks by my ears. 

JoAnn became the enabler. “Get them!” she’d whisper urgently as I picked them up for a fifth time.  “Get them, get them, get them,” as I fiddled with my hair and tried to decide if they’re length was too much since it almost highlighted the fact that one of my ears is higher than the other (this is a fact that I try not to let get  to me).DSCN3119
Eventually I caved and got them.  It really helped that they were $4.  And it’s been a while since I’ve bought anything quite so obnoxious.DSCN3121
To the obnoxious blue earrings!

Do you have any obnoxious jewelry or clothing?


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