Friday Finds and a Photo (06/29/12)

Photo from Fanning Island. Processed with Snapseed.

I really loved our visit to Fanning Island last year.  Every photo I took was absolutely gorgeous on its own because the island is so beautiful, so untouched.  But it was still fun to mess with this photo!  Kind of looks like a vintage postcard to me!

Now to my internet finds of the week.  This week we look at recipes I’ve pinned but are so weird I will probably never make.  Perhaps you can relate?


These are called Nutella strawberry pop tarts, but let’s be honest, it’s not a pop tart, it’s a toaster strudel.


But, let’s be honest again… I will never make this.  Too. much. effort.  When really a strawberry toaster strudel with Nutella on the side would probably be better than my attempt.


This is lasagna soup. It looks awesome.  But that is too many ingredients.  My name is not Julia.  or Mario.  or lasagna soup girl.

I wish it was because this looks seriously delicious.


I love fruit leather.  Eating it.  Not making it.  Just sayin’.


Mango and sticky rice made to look like sushi!  Yum! 

Again, I will never make this.  Please tell me if you do.  You get a gold star.


Another sushi looking thing.  Strawberry shortcake sushi.  Also awesome, also not happening.


Eggs baked in a ham cup.  This actually looks pretty easy (cupcake tins, egg, slice of ham. boom).  But I doubt it tastes as good as it looks…. and I doubt it would look this good when I make it. 

Which is why I probably won’t make it.

Also, can we get food stylists banned from Pinterest?


Again with the food stylists!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: via Krista on Pinterest


Red. Velvet. Onion. Rings.

Yeah, I’m mainly not making this because I don’t have a deep fryer.  Otherwise, I’d be on it.

Please don’t buy me a deep fryer.  Please.

Do you pin things you’ll never cook? bake? do? make?

1 thought on “Friday Finds and a Photo (06/29/12)

  1. I totally lol-ed on this post (mainly because I do, in fact, pin a lot of stuff that I probably won’t ever make)

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