The Floral Skirt, or I Love Old Navy, Part II

A couple weeks back I told you about how much I love Old Navy.  Part of my haul that wrote about in that post was a floral skirt, that I’m positive goes with everything.

Well, that’s not totally true, but it does go with a lot and can cover a ton of situation that call for a casual, but not sloppy, dress code.  Want to see what I mean?

Outfit Number 1: Sunny Cowgirl, we’re going line dancing, or I just need an excuse to wear my cowboy boots.  That chambray shirt that I really want would come in handy in this outfit, but I made do with a basic tee shirt. 

Side note: Bravo looks really tired here, and then he begged to go inside…
This is the door.  Please open it for me, as I do not have opposable thumbs.  Or any sort of height.  kthanks.” he said.

We continued with our photo shoot.
Outfit Number 2: Coffee shop hanging, shopping at a row of boutiques, or I want to wear these shoes and they perfectly match this belt so here we go.

If you can’t tell, many of my outfits start with “I want to wear these shoes…”

Outfit Number 3: Let’s eat at an outdoor café, wearing pearls makes me want to drink tea even though I don’t like it, or an afternoon stroll down the boardwalk.

Outfit Number 4: Catch a matinee movie, going to a clam bake (do those exist?), or pretending to be a sailor (blue and white stripes = nautical, obviously).

Also, it looks like I think this outfit would be good to grill in, but really I just needed something to stand next to.  Enter barbecue grill.

Outfit Number 5: Lunch with a girlfriend, day date with a boyfriend, or let’s have a summer barbecue!

There you go: 5 Casual Summer (or mostly warm Spring) outfits with a floral skirt. 

Which is your favorite?


3 thoughts on “The Floral Skirt, or I Love Old Navy, Part II

  1. love the first and last one so Kendi and Sydeny! I personally cant rock the belt like that nor the floral and stripes! you look great! Melissa K.

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