Food Trucks and hipster wannabes (that’s me!)

A couple of weeks ago, The Guns and I went to a food truck park in town.  Because we really want to be hipsters I guess.
For real though, I’d been hearing about the Fort Worth Food Park, and ever since we watched the Great Food Truck Race we were interested in trying out the concept.  Add in that it’s pet-friendly and we couldn’t get there fast enough. 

Well, not quite since we’re in the sweltering heat of Texas.  So we did wait until after 7PM so that we didn’t suffocate.

The park has trucks that are show up every Thursday thru Sunday regularly, and then a group of trucks that rotate in and out as they can.  It’s everything from Tex Mex to Southern to Bacon.

For real, there’s a truck called The Bacon Wagon.  In case you were wondering, the answer is nothing.  And the question is “What is more awesome than a food truck called The Bacon Wagon?”

Though, there is in fact, nothing more awesome than The Bacon Wagon, we did not eat at The Bacon Wagon.  Maybe we are not so awesome.  We are still working on our hipster cred.  Wait, are hipsters awesome? 

But seriously, there were so many great choices, and to be honest I had looked at The Bacon Wagon’s menu and saw their “wakinbacon,”` (eggs, bacon and syrup on on French toast, what???)  and was set on that, but sadly that was not on their menu that day (one of the exciting things about food trucks: changing menus!  running out of specific items!) so I just spun around and picked something equally awesome (shrimp and grits FTW) from The Drifting Bistro.  The Guns, ever the Texan, got a burrito from Salsa Limon, a Tex Mex truck.
Our review?  The Guns was not overly impressed with his burrito, but said that it was good. To be fair, Salsa Limon also offered the lowest prices of all the trucks, which I’m assuming means that they had less high end product that they used for their menu items (and also, let’s be honest, it’s annoying to spend more than $6 on a burrito), unlike my plate of what tasted like some very expensive (and thus VERY GOOD) shrimp.  The grits were quite awesome as well, creamier than I thought was possible.
Just to try it we also went to Red Jett Sweets for a lemon blueberry cupcake.  The verdict?  Really nice, fresh taste, but a little small.  I was really happy to get a “pupcake” for Bravo, who spent our entire visit panting and salivating on sensory overload.

Do you eat at food trucks?


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