Friday Finds and (3 versions of the same) Photo (06/22/12)

DSCN0177IMG_0044 (2)IMG_0044
Top: Original Photo, Bottom 2 Photos: additional editing using Snapseed and Windows Live Photo Gallery

If you’ve visited my blog recently you will have already noticed that I changed my header recently to a portion of this photo.  I loved the initial photo, but I love it even more with the edits.  Definitely going to put this shot up in my one day home.  One question though… do you like it in color or in black and white?

Oh, you don’t care?  You want to see ridiculous things from the internet?  okaaaay….

Pigs have been rockin’ the internet for awhile.  Here are some photos (and a video) of pigs being ridiculous…


Pigs racing, jumping, and face planting.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest


This pig is prepared for the elements!  Also his galoshes are AMAHZING!

Source: via Krista on Pinterest


Am I dumb because I didn’t know that pigs could swim?  What are they gonna do next?  Fly?  I hope so…. I’ve got a lot riding on that one.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest


These pigs are having a morning cup of coffee… they look like they need it.  They are not morning pigs.


This pig is also drinking coffee.  He seems more like a morning pig.


This pig is sunbathing.  He is also winning.


These pigs are America’s Next Top Models.  I’m sure there is a pig Tyra somewhere out there…


These pigs are preparing their lounge act.


And this pig is quoting Winston Churchill.

Before I go, I also need to show you this video of the pig learning to go down the stairs.

Do you love pigs?  Or bacon?  Neither? You must not be an American.

Oh, and I’ve got one more video for you.  I thought about posting it on it’s own, but I’m worried if I don’t post it in the next 2 minutes, it will become irrelevant. I’m sure you love “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, and I’m sure you have already seen the millions of lipdubs and spoof versions of her video, but this one is by far my favorite.  It’s 13 seconds and it reduces me to silent laughter and clapping so that I look like a drunk seal. 

So you know it’s awesome.


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