30 Things: Furniture?

Here at sometimessheblogs Wednesdays are for commenting on this list. So let’s get it started.

Number 2 on the list is, by 30 you should have a decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.

First, let’s comment on the sequence of this list.  Number one delves into your romantic past, you know, since how many boyfriends you have really says a lot about who you are as an adult.  And number two, appropriately, talks about… furniture?

Is this weird to anyone else, or am I just overthinking it as per usual?  Make sure you have some good boyfriends, some bad boyfriends, oh, and next on your list is an awesome couch.

Of course if you follow me on Pinterest, then you probably do think that a beautiful couch is pretty high on my list.

Anyway, other than that I don’t take issue with this list item, because yeah, by the time you’re 30 it would be good to have non-dorm room and hand me down furniture in your living space. Why? Because part of being an adult is taking pride in your own living space, and because most people at 30 should be able to afford or financially plan for the investment of a nice furniture piece.  And the key word for me in this description is “decent.” It doesn’t say “luxury” or give a price point that you must spend.  It might be a gorgeous antique dresser you find at an estate sale, or a dining table from IKEA, or it might be a $5000 sofa.  The most important thing is not price or brand, but that you love it, and it’s yours.  Because that’s also part of this item, it’s not just about being adult enough to have something of your own and spend your own money, but it’s also about being adult enough to invest in your own comfort, and maybe even to treat yourself.

If you do not click on that last link you are missing out!

So, do I have this item on the list yet?  I’m not sure, and if I do, then I’m certainly not using it right now since all our furniture is in a storage unit.  The main furniture we have that was not handed down to us is a pretty generic off white couch from one of those furniture outlets and two of those little white chairs from IKEA.  And maybe that can count, but I don’t really know that I want it to.  I assume that we will have a new home of our own, not in the middle of the ocean, by the time I’m 30, and if we do, I definitely want some nicer and at the very least different furniture for us.  And, because it’s my blog, here are some of my ideas:

Source: houzz.com via Krista on Pinterest


I know the part-sectional/part-chaise lounge is kind of aright now trend, but I hope it doesn’t look totally dated one day, because I love it.  I’m also in love with grey in home décor right now.  Surely that will age better than those 1960s avocado kitchens?


I’m pretty sure I’ll NEED a printed chair for our future living room.  And if it’s not clear I’m obsessed with grey right now.

Source: houzz.com via Krista on Pinterest


This bed and the bench are everything.

Source: homedit.com via Krista on Pinterest


I’m sorry, I must recant my last statement.  A functional coffee table? What?  THAT is everything.

What do you think of this list item?


3 thoughts on “30 Things: Furniture?

  1. My coffee table is totally functional. The lid raises like that for convenient sofa dining on my chaise lounge couch. It’s also on wheels so I can move it to the dining spot of my choice. Oh and I keep blankets inside of it. Love it.

    • At a place called Ashley furniture in cumming. I will post a pic, probably to Facebook bc I don’t know how to do it here

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