Yes I will pay $200 so that I can see

One of the negative things about doing what I do and not really having a true home and constantly being on the move is that a lot of those life maintenance things are not readily available to you.

What in the world do I mean by “life maintenance?” I mean that crazy stuff that you have to have that no one really LIKES to do but you MUST in order to maintain your life.  Examples include various medical appointments, making insurance claims, buying any type of insurance, car maintenance, refilling prescriptions, and probably a million other things I’m not mentioning.  A lot of that we can do while we’re on the ship, but it’s honestly just easier to do when you’re in one place for awhile, have consistent and inexpensive access to high speed internet and/or a US cell phone network, and are available to meet someone in person if needed.  Our family and friends have been wonderful in giving us assistance with things like car maintenance that HAS to be done while we’re gone, but of course we’d prefer to just do it ourselves.

So what does that mean? It means that when we’re on vacation for several weeks we get to do all that stuff within a few weeks.  Yuck.  I really dislike it.  And half of what I dislike is just calling and making arrangements, which is silly, but whatever.  The other half is the whole paying for it thing.  I really don’t like when I look at my Mint App and see that 75% of my pie chart is relegated toward “health and fitness.”  It’s annoying.  In my mind, since a lot of these things I’m paying for are essential, they shouldn’t be that expensive.

Before I go on with this thought… PLEASE do not take this post to mean that I support or oppose the Affordable Healthcare Act and/or healthcare reform.  I rarely get political on my blog, and I’m not starting now because honestly my opinions on that side of this subject are not fully formed and it’s WAY more complicated than I care to get into especially since I really want this blog to be fun.  Some blogs invite political debate, and I just don’t believe my blog is one of those.  And I’m sure you agree.

So. again, I don’t really like paying for things like health insurance.  It’s annoying to me. Now part of why this is annoying is because I’ve been lucky and young enough to piggyback on my parents’ insurance for the last year and a half or so, and I recently had to jump off and so The Guns and I got our own.  So yeah, I was spoiled.  And this month I’m also buying a new year’s worth on contacts, refilling 3 month’s worth of brand name Rx, and The Guns and I are getting physicals for work, going to the dentist, and it feels like a million other things, but maybe that’s it. 

And as I was grumbling as I was entering the credit card number to order my contacts, I realized I had some kind of messed up attitudes about spending.  These contacts were going to allow me SEE comfortably for another year.  I think I can spend $200 on an investment that keeps me from being borderline legally blind.  I oftentimes think, as I mentioned earlier, “this is essential, so it shouldn’t be THAT expensive,” and I’m starting to realize that while sometimes prices on various things/services are inflated, in the end, if it is that important I SHOULD be willing to spend the money.  It’s not just throwing money away. Instead the money I’m spending indicates the value of my health and wellbeing.  And if I’m really going to complain about $200 for SIGHT  or HEALTH then maybe I shouldn’t spend $100 on black boots. yikes… hypocrisy…

For the record, contacts ARE worth $200 and black boots that are well-made are also worth $100. I just need to remember what’s more important.

Now, part of my perspective is also the situation we’re in right now.  I know that for a lot of families $200 is a BIG deal.  Right now we are blessed that it’s not.  It feels like it is because 6-10 payments of $200 add up, plus we’re in a month where we’re not making our normal income that we would be making if we were working.  It also feels like it’s a big deal because I’m kind of obsessed with saving right now, but it’s not my health provider’s fault that I’m a freak who wants to eventually buy a nice house in cash (this is unlikely to happen, but I can dream).

So what’s the point of my little diatribe? I do not like giving unsolicited financial advice, and that’s not my intent.  Money is a very personal thing.  But, if you’re like me and you hate paying for these types of essentials, realize that part of why you hate that, is not because it’s not worth it (seriously, you ARE worth it!), but it’s probably because it’s not a FUN way to spend your money.  Definitely not as fun as spending it on black boots, but whatever. 

Ok I’m done, and I won’t talk about money again for awhile.

What do you think?  Is there something you HATE paying for?


One thought on “Yes I will pay $200 so that I can see

  1. Yes, I don’t like paying for water, bottled water that is. Also gasoline can add up when you drive across many states like we did this month

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