Friday Finds and A Photo


Flower in Oahu, processed with Snapseed.  Has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

I love the internet, for lots of reasons, the stupidest of which is the hilarious memes that are created… and the more mixed up they are with multiple sources and inspirations the better.  In that spirit I bring you my favorite Mean Girls memes.

I love even the simple Mean Girls memes- the screenshot with the appropriate quote:


That’s fun.  But you know what’s also fun?  Mean Girls quotes on photos of funny looking animals!

Oh, I am loling… Let’s see if these quotes apply to any of the actress’ real lives…

That’s pretty funny… What else is can we combine Mean Girls quotes with?

Disney Movies?


Harry Potter?

Ok, so I haven’t even seen all the Harry Potter movies, so those are not quite as funny to me as Mean Girls + The Hunger Games

Hilarious, but not quite as hilarious as Mean Girls + The Hunger Games + Harry Potter….

And only slightly less funny than Mean Girls + Politics…

Bottom Line….

Did I miss any Mean Girls Memes?


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds and A Photo

  1. Okay, this post was HILARIOUS… I love that movie and quote it too much (oh wait, that’s not possible.) 😉 “Trang Pak is a grotsky little b-otch.”

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