Tony Tweets #akagreatideasthatneverhappened

What, 2 blog posts in one day?  You are soo lucky, aren’t you?

Here’s the deal, if I was really cool I would have live-tweeted the Tonys last night.  Unfortunately, I’m currently living in a household with only one television shared by 4 people, a baby and a dog, and the only person who really wanted to watch the Tonys live was me.  So that’s what the DVR was for.  And as I was watching them this morning over my cereal, I realized that, as usual, I had a lot of things to say.  Things that would have been way more relevant last night, but would be borderline acceptable if they were posted just a day late (not 4 days late, which is the next open spot on my blog calendar.  As you can see, this is the problem with pre-scheduled posts.).  Hence the 2nd post today.

Now, as you all know, I could write 3000 words on last night’s award show, but I’m going to try to limit myself.  Let’s pretend I had posted my  #TonyTweets live last night.  Here’s what that would have looked like.

OMG opening number for #TheTonyAwards was awesome. I think the best part was with @jessetyler.  @ActuallyNPH is the perfect host.

In the first 15 min we’ve already seen NPH, JTF, Patti LuPone, Amanda Seyfried, little orphan Annie, and now Paul Rudd?  #BestTonysEver

I was confused as to Amanda Seyfried’s relevance. Then they mention she’ll be in LesMis the movie in Dec. #that’sastretch #AnneHathawaybusy?

Also, what is Amanda S wearing??? #hatethebelt

So excited for Newsies performance!  That movie gets the award for movie I feel like I’ve seen, but never did, and definitely should have.

I love amazing choreography for men!!!!

Ugh!  This choreo is so good it makes me angry. Need to get to NYC just for this.

The guys are freakishly awesome. but I’m mad because #likeweneedmorequalityrolesforguys #ohwellitsawesomecan’tbemad

Is that Alex Wong from #SYTYCD I see in the Newsies cast?

Quick internet search, and yes that is @AlexDWong! Clearly, he is amazing… but those other guys are keeping up!

@AlexDWong, I’m not even mad that I’m pretty sure there weren’t any Asian Newsboys in NYC in 1899. #whoevencareswhenyoucanjumpthathigh

@AlexDWong, I love you, but I’m also crushing on blond newsie with glasses who just did 6 pirouettes, NBD

Someone please explain to me why award for best choreography was given during a commercial. Tired of dance being pushed to the side.

Plus, winner Chris Gatelli deserves live recognition.  Newsies choreo was brilliant. 

He also choreographed AltarBoyz, also brilliant.

OMG Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are there!  Front row seats! #lovethem

When my friends ask me who Andrew Garfield is I tell them, “Spiderman, one of the creators of Facebook, and Emma Stone’s BF” #luckiestman

When my friends ask me who Emma Stone is, I disown them #she’sawesome #EmmawillyoubemyBFF?

#TheTonyAwards just went to a commercial. Who was that lion man meanmugging behind NPH as he took us to break?

I have no idea what scene from Ghost that was but the vocals were amazing. #early90smoviesarebackonBway

Mike Nichols won for best director of a play. I want to be old and awesome one day and just tell the censors to bleep me. #hedoeswhathewants

If you don’t know who Mike Nichols is-here are the 2 most important non-theater things he’s done:1-direct The Graduate, 2-marry Diane Sawyer

Oh, and he also has an #EGOT

@actuallyNPH in a Spiderman rig FTW! dude commits.

Jessica Chastain presented and I wondered 2 things: 1-what happened to her Southern accent (you know, from The Help) 2-is her nipple showing

Christian Borle won featured actor in a play. loved this for many reasons, not the least of which is because I love him in SMASH #busyman

I know that’s lame and that he’s more than Tom from SMASH, but I can’t help it. #ILOVESMASH

Also, he was the only acceptable alternative to Andrew Garfield winning, aka Emma’sBF aka cocreater of Facebook #notreallybutkindof

Whenever I point out Matthew Broderick, Jacob yells “Simba!” then “Ferris” Then “weird guy from Tower Heist”

The last tweet is relevant because Matthew Broderick is performing right now.  I love movie actors with theater roots.

Really?  This is Alan Menken’s first Tony?  That seems weird.

I’d never heard of Clybourne Park, won best play, but it looks awesome.  Also, one of the producers gets award for best acceptance speech.

Seriously, that speech says everything about theater and its value that needs to be said.

On Tony Speeches- I love how they always thank the “BWay Community” or “all the [insert crucial role here] on Bway” They respect each other.

They keep showing Andrew and Emma.  And it keeps making me mad #whydidnttheyinviteme?

I’m guessing that the chick who is dancing right now with Ricky Martin is thinking “OMG I’m dancing with Ricky Martin… AT THE TONY AWARDS!!”

Yes, Ricky Martin is in Evita.  Seems like he’s pretty good too.  I told you the 90s were back on Bway.

Also, cool again, Andrew Lloyd Webber shows, FYI (revivals of Jesus Christ Superstar AND Evita). People love to hate on ALW, but he’s back.

Also trending on BWay, Jesus, as in Jesus Christ Superstar and GodSpell

GodSpell kids are dancing in the audience, and now that chick is thinking “OMG I’m dancing with Hugh Jackman!” #don’tmatterwherethathappens

That was cool of Hugh. Bernadette Peters clapped oddly&Jim Parsons looked bothered when kids were dancing near him #didnotgetupanddance

So cool that Hugh Jackman’s wife presented his honorary Tony! You could tell he was thrilled!

Internet search on HJs wife reveals that she was in Newsies the movie! #weirdfactsaboutHughJackmanswife

There’s Jesus again. Cast of Leap of Faith performing. The Gospel sound is awesome.

Also, Leap of Faith is based on the Steve Martin movie… from the early 90s.  #Bwaytrends

Love this line from James Corden’s speech (best actor in a play): “There really is no best.” #wise

Corden was up against Philip Seymour Hoffman and James Earl Jones among others.  So, yeah, there is no best.

Also loved this line “she’s my babymomma and I can’t wait to marry her” talking about his gf. #cuterinaBritishaccent

Nina Arianda wins best actress in a play.  Love that she said “wait, I might not do this again!” when they played the music.

Dude from Once won best actor in a Musical.  Speech made me cry. #whatelseisnew

Audra McDonald = awesome.

and that’s when my DVR stopped recording…


Did you watch the Tony Awards?


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