Friday Finds and a Photo

A photo taken a little before our first anniversary.  Treated with some filters in Snapseed.

I don’t know about you but on Friday I like to go on the internet and see links to awesome websites and fun photos.  So I figured I’d start doing that.  No need to think on Friday.

So your internet find this week is a website: Clients from Hell. Whether or not you are a freelancer you will enjoy these pretty awesome stories about, well, clients from hell.  Clients who have to be right, have unreasonable expectations and then get mad when you meet them, and clients who assume they don’t have to pay. Sounds awful right? Awfully hilarious! Some of them also deal with people who are a little tech inept, and… we’ll just say I can relate to that.  Get started with this classic.

Oh, and it would be remiss to fail to mention that I found this site  through Sarah Von over at yesandyes (aka my favorite blog. ever.).  That’s another internet find for you this week.  You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend all!


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