Old Navy, how I love thee…

Krista's Old Navy Haul


Jacob's Old Navy Haul

…let me count the ways

1) You overstock your shelves so your clearance racks are always overflowing

2) You constantly have sales.  $2, $4, and $6 tanks and tees?  Yes, Please.

3) Your items are on trend, yet basic.  I wear them for years.

4) Can you say machine washable fabrics?

5) You’ve given me some of my favorite and/or most used items over the years… from all trends and from all seasons.

Above are 2 polyvore sets I made to share what The Guns and I bought at Old Navy recently.  A couple of shirts in my set are not exactly what I bought, since I couldn’t find it online, but those are some pretty close alternatives.  Here’s what I love about our haul:

1) We spent no more than $20 on any one single item.  $15 or less on most.
2) The Guns wasn’t sure about the white sweater, but I said “it’s $7.50 and I don’t have a white sweater” he said “get it.” knowing how much use I’ll probably get out of it on our upcoming contract.
3) Altogether we spent $90 on the total haul.  The Guns had a $40 gift card to Gap (goes a lot further at Old Navy) and I had a $35 Visa gift card. Do the math: That’s only $15 for us out of pocket.
4) All the items that I bought mix and match with the skirt (the actual shirt I bought, instead of the beige v-neck, is a rusty coral and oatmeal colored striped v neck, and it does a nice job of bringing out the coral in the skirt) and with other items in my wardrobe…
5) …while still filling some gaps (ie, how do I not have a plain white sweater? I have no top that is even remotely coral, I have another navy striped tank that needs to be retired etc.) in my wardrobe.

As you can see, I’m pretty happy with the haul.  Plus that Anchor tee for Jacob is pretty awesome considering the fact that we live on a boat.  But anyway, hopefully it will keep me from going overboard with summer shopping like I usually do. We’ll see…

Do you love Old Navy?


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